Artist and professor Nelson Álvarez has yet again enchanted us with his detail drawings of Newark’s industrial buildings. The Cuban born artist has been exercising his passion in drawing through a series of drawings part of the exhibition entitled, “Newark’s Papers” at the James Howe Gallery and the Students Gallery both located in the Vaughn-Eames building at Kean University.

Fascinated by industrial heritage of the city of Newark, Nelson’s artworks express his connection with architecture landscape while still capturing the romantic and qualitative aspects of each site,its patterns, atmosphere, and essence. Nelson Álvarez combines fantasy with detailed accuracy in his compositions of factory building facades, rooftops, factory chimneys and sections along with elements distinct to the area depicted. The process of creating these drawings is cyclical in that they continue to inform Nelson of the spirit of the city as he draws each artwork.

      Alexis Mendoza

      Independent Curator